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REPOST: Is This The REAL Reason House Leaders Refuse to From #Benghazi Select Committee?

With the rush to support military action in Syria by Speaker Boehner and House Majority Leader Cantor, I thought it a good idea to repost the article, 'Could this Be Why GOP Leadership is Passing on Benghazi Select Committee'.

No matter your party affiliation, it seems on major issue after issue, DC no longer represents 'We the People'. Over 60% of Americans do not support Amnesty, Obamacare, and want Benghazi/IRS/AP scandals investigated further, and yet congress continues to ignore the will of the people.

Less than 10% believe the U.S. should engage in military action against Syria, and yet Boehner and Cantor rush to support it. My question is Why? At what point did you cease to represent 'We the People, and at what point will the American people decide they have had enough of it?

We are approaching the one year anniversary of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya and I for one would like the GOP house members to act, to support House Resolution 36 forming a select committee to get to the bottom of what occurred in Benghazi once and for all, and to prevent it from occurring again.

The article below offers one theory as to why House leadership refuses to act, and after today's rush to support military action in Syria by House leaders, it leaves me wondering how much is theory, and how much is fact.

As a working mom who dabbles in politics part time only, I am often left thinking I could run the Republican party better than people who are paid to do so. One area that has me convinced the party has not a clue is the management of the Benghazi scandal by the GOP. Yes, I said scandal because the Benghazi coverup is a scandal and no matter how many times Barack Obama repeats the lie "phony scandal" it will not become the truth. The Obama administration continues to stonewall Congress, and while I applaud Rep. Darrell Issa for doggedly pursuing the truth about Benghazi, he is getting nowhere with the investigation and the majority of republicans in the house agree. Rep. Frank Wolf introduced House Resolution 36 in order to form a select committee to investigate Benghazi. The GOP has control of the House, and the power to form such a committee allowing for a more efficient investigation rather than having several committees investigate the incident with little power to gain information from the Executive Branch. So when the GOP has the majority in the House, I scratch my head and wonder wow, can the party be this inept? Ineptness, it turns out may not be the answer to why HRes36 cannot make it out of committee even though it has the support of a majority of House Republican members. Instead, the answer may be found in the 2011 Intelligence Authorization Act enacted on June 8, 2011. Post the Iran Contra scandal many felt the way to avoid another was to require the notification of a small group of congress members when covert operations were to take place. The group, called the "Gang of Eight,” not to be confused with gang immigration, is comprised of the chairmen and ranking Members of the two congressional intelligence committees and the House and Senate majority and minority leadership. Who are these members? I thought you would never ask, they are: GOP Leadership:

Rep. John Boehner - Does Not Support HRes 36 Rep. Eric Cantor - Does Not Support HRes 36 Rep. Kevin McCarthy - Does Not Support HRes 36 Senator Mitch McConnell - Senate Senator John Cornyn - Senate

GOP members on the House Intel Committee

Mike Rogers, Chairman - 8th District of Michigan - Does Not Support HRes 36 Mac Thornberry 13th District of Texas - Supports Jeff Miller - 1st District of Florida - Does Not Support HRes 36 Mike Conaway - 11th District of Texas - Does Not Support HRes 36 Peter King - 3rd District of New York - SUPPORTS Frank LoBiondo -2nd District of New Jersey - Does Not Support HRes 36 Devin Nunes 21st District of California - Does Not Support HRes 36 Lynn Westmoreland 3rd District of Georgia - Does Not Support HRes 36 Michele Bachmann - 6th District of Minnesota - SUPPORTS Thomas J Rooney - 16th District of Florida - SUPPORTS Joe Heck 3rd District of Nevada - Does Not Support HRes 36 Mike Pompeo - 4th District of Kansas - Does Not Support HRes 36

100% of the House GOP leadership, and the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, each of which would have been notified of gun running to Syrian rebels through Benghazi do not support House Resolution 36. Coincidence? Things that certainly make me go hmmm..........

For a complete list of GOP members who DO NOT support House Resolution 36, forming a select committee to investigate Benghazi, please visit The site, created by StrikeForce911, whose members include me, Founder of PJNET, Mark Prasek, former marine, BossHoggUSMC, Pat Dollard contributor, iResistAll, and #CTOT founder CubBeerFanGuy, provides contact information for GOP house members who do not support #HRes36 and allows you to tweet these members with the click of a button.

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