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Obamacare: 100% Failure, By Design

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With the disastrous roll out of Obamacare, the administration finds itself in unfamiliar territory – receiving negative press coverage from an otherwise fawning mainstream media.

CBS News, one of the only to allow investigative reporting on Benghazi, leads the charge again with negative Obamacare coverage and headlines like:

Launch of Obamacare Website – A Complete Disaster

Arrival of Obamacare Forcing Insurers to Drop Customers

While many cheer the mainstream media’s coverage of the realities of Obamacare, I wonder where they have been over the past three years. Any one of the networks could have read and reported the facts about Obamacare to the American people, sadly they chose not to do so.

I am no investigative reporter, but somehow was able to identify the Obamacare endgame – a single payer system.

In the article Elections Have Consequences, we review the Affordable Care Act’s impact on the employer and the decision they will face in 2015 – do they continue to offer group health insurance coverage to their employees at an expense of two to six times the $2,000 fine for not doing so.

Had President Obama not unilaterally delayed the employer mandate to avoid a Democrat shellacking in 2014, one can only imagine the backlash he would be facing today as his signature piece of legislation rolls out.

As if the website debut were not tragic enough, simultaneously record numbers of people with individual health insurance plans began receiving cancellation notices from their carriers.

• Florida: Florida Blue canceled 300,000 (80%) of individual policies • California: Kaiser Permanente canceled 160,000 of individual plans and Blue Shield canceled 119,000 • New Jersey: 800,000 residents’ health-care plans will not longer exist in 2014 • Pennsylvania: Highmark in Pittsburgh will cancel 20% of individual plans while Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia plan to cancel 45 percent

For those blindsided by the cancellations and/or increased premiums, let this be a warning to you. We no longer have media interested in the truth. The facts were available, what is occurring today was predictable, but rather than informing the public, the mainstream media allowed the president to repeat these lies continually:

  • If you like your doctor, you can keep them. Period.

  • If you like you plan you can keep it. Period.

  • The ACA will reduce your healthcare premium by $2,500 per family.

As bad as the rollout of Obamacare has been, it is but the tip of the iceberg. In 2015, the employer mandate kicks in at which time we are likely to see more people losing jobs, working fewer hours or losing employer sponsored healthcare plans.

When this occurs, the president and his accomplices in the mainstream media will tell you to blame everyone other than Obama, but in fact, it is President Obama, his signature piece of legislation – The ‘Affordable’ Care Act – and the Democrat party who bear the blame.

To be clear:

Insurance carriers are NOT cancelling policies because they do not want to cover you any longer. They are doing so to comply with the OBAMACARE law, a law that deems these plans as unacceptable.

Premium increases are a result of carriers complying with the OBAMACARE law. A law that not only mandates minimum levels of coverage, but that insurance carriers offer said plans at an Obama approved ‘affordable’ price, a price that does not include the $2,500 savings repeatedly promised by the president.

Employers are not uncaring and greedy for dropping employer sponsored healthcare plans. They simply do not have the luxury of printing money to meet expenses. Add to this the fact that the OBAMACARE law incents businesses to drop plans by charging a $2,000 fine for not doing so. This fine is more than half of the cost a business incurs for providing an employee with an individual healthcare plan and a sixth of the cost incurred when providing an employee with a family healthcare plan.

As more insurance carriers leave the market place unable to make a profit because OBAMACARE mandates they provide coverage for everyone and for everything at an OBAMACARE approved price point, and more employers drop insurance plans for employees, the result will be more Americans will wind up on government sponsored programs.

The administration, with the support of the media, will try and convince you to blame insurance carriers and employers for the results of implementing Obamacare; but the results are by design in order to obtain the ultimate goal, a single payer system under the control of the government.

But hey, if you don’t believe me, maybe you will believe President Obama.

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