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Oh Snap - Judge Jeanine’s Take Down of Obama

WOW! This is a MUST SEE Video!

Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro gives a scathing and accurate account of Obama's Syrian "little slap" policy and America's lack of support for it. Referencing an administration's fantasy of a YouTube video being responsible for the attack in Benghazi, Libya to using the IRS to target their political opposition, Judge Jeanine explains why Obama finds himself in the unenviable box of his own making.

But there is one thing Judge Jeanine and Obama agree upon - Obama's credibility is not on the line. Yes, you read that right. True - Obama drew a redline, True - Obama lied and said he did not, but Judge Jeanine does not believe this does damage to Mr. Obama's credibility, saying,

"with all due respect, Mr. President, you have no credibility. To be credible one must be clear and constant. Your actions must be swift and certain. You lost credibility when you left Americans on that rooftop in Benghazi but fired up Airforce One to go to your Las Vegas Fundraiser, that was a clear signal to the world it was open season on America."

God Bless you Judge Jeanine for being unafraid to say what too many are afraid to speak - the truth!

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