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Neil Cavuto’s Take Down of #Obamacare - Classic

The White House makes no secret of what they think about Fox News, and to say they are NOT big fans would be placing it mildly! Routinely, during daily briefings White House spokesman Jay Carney often mocks or refuses to call on Fox News correspondents for questions, while President Obama often implies Fox News lies to the American people.

While campaigning for President in 2012, Obama said this to a Virginia crowd, if their "friends or neighbors...has been watching Fox News and... thinks that somehow I raised taxes -- let's just be clear: We've lowered taxes for middle-class families since I came into office."

So it should come as no surprise Obama pulled out the old 'do not listen to your stubborn friends who watch Fox News,Obamacare isn't bad, it's good' line in another desperate attempt to shift blame to anyone else but him for the colossal failure that is the Obamacare/ rollout.

Rather than taking yet another attack lying down, Fox News host, Neil Cavuto decided instead to respond to Obama's assertion that yet another failure of his making is somehow the fault of Fox News. Anyone else think George W. Bush is breathing a small sigh of relief?

This is a MUST SEE video you may have missed and can only be described as a classic and brutally honest takedown of Obama, the Affordable Care Act, and his inability to understand basic math. The takedown is short, sweet, and should be watched and shared with everyone you know!

Kudos Mr. Cavuto for so succintly exposing the President, his lies and failures in a brilliant and as O'Reilly would say, pithy manner.

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