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Derrick Grayson - A New Kind of Candidate, One Ready to Represent ‘We the People’

As you know, I have made no secret that I support Derrick Grayson to replace Saxby Chambliss for U. S. Senate in GA.

Mr. Chambliss is retiring after years of distinguished service, but his service includes a voting record more inline with maintaining the status quo in Washington, where members have forgotten they derive their powers from 'We the People'.

Take Obamacare as an example. The Federal government allowed $600 million to be spent on a non-functional website they had over 3 years to develop. When David Kennedy, technology expert and president of TrustedSec was asked how much a site like should cost, said,

“I would say to build a site like this with the infrastructure, the architecture around it, you are looking at maybe $5 million to $10 million at a very maximum rate, it isn’t rocket science."

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As Americans, no matter our party, we should be outraged by the waste and inefficiency in D.C. and it is why I ask you to consider supporting Derrick Grayson for U. S. Senate in GA.

Mr. Grayson's message is making waves in Georgia, and his ability to get his message out on a scant budget is an example of how he will serve Georgians.

Think about this for a moment, in 12 battle ground states the Obama and Romney campaigns and their allies spent $710 million on general election ads. What do we have to show for it? Politicians who continue to waste money, act contrary to the Constitution, and vote against the American people.

In Georgia, Derrick Grayson's opponents will spend millions to win the seat he seeks, and they will remain bound to special interest groups.

Mr. Grayson prefers to be tied to 'We the People' and our interests, and asks for our help.

Below is an email the Grayson campaign sent to supporters. Please take time to read it, visit his campaign site to find out where he stands on the issues and consider joining us as we begin to take back our nation.

Stacy --

We're excited! They're nervous. Why? Because they are seeing that we are able to campaign smarter and more effectively than they would like to admit. Not only are we making strong impressions with voters across the state, we are doing it for mere fractions of what the incumbents and career politicians are spending.

It comes as no surprise that for the large part, my opponents are campaigning the way they intend to govern. They will depend on vasts amounts of money from lobbyists and special interests, and they will spend vasts amounts of money, despite their claims of working for you, and being the best candidate to reduce spending and limit the reach of government. Their stump speech rhetoric sound good, but in reality it's just more self interested politicians, doing what they do best, and that's working to get re-elected.

Both you and I know better. Ours is the only campaign who is doing it differently. We have not asked for, nor accepted any funds from PACs, SuperPACs, or any other special interests.

It's because of our commitment to this principle of representing "We the People" that I am writing you today. You may have already heard about our Five Dollar Friday's. Each week I am asking you to give at least five dollars to help us as we head into the primary. Your regular contribution, whether its weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, will really help us continue spreading the word about our campaign, and prepare for getting out the vote in the primary.

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it: It doesn't take millions of dollars to campaign and win. When we are all working together to make a difference, a little goes a long way. That's no campaign stump speech. That's the reality of what our campaign is doing every single day.

Help us keep the momentum going with a five dollar donation today? We need you to make this Five Dollar Friday a success. Please consider a regular contribution, or a one time donation today.

Derrick Grayson for U.S. Senate

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