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Is the Media Deciding Which Candidates Georgian’s May Consider for U.S. Senate?

Georgia's U.S. Senate race is one to watch! Thus far, eight candidates have placed their name in the hat to replace retiring Senator Saxby Chambliss.

Over the weekend, the first of several debates was held in Adel, Georgia. The debate was well attended by the public and by those seeking the office.

Of the eight candidates:

Seven attended the debate

Three currently serve in the U. S. House of Representatives

One is the former Georgia Secretary of State

One is related to former Georgia Governor, Sonny Perdue

One is an attorney

One is an engineer

One is a business owner

Five are white men

One is a white woman

Two are minorities

Derrick Grayson and Eugene Yu represent demographics the Republican party must reach in order to grow and not wither on the vine. Both candidates were well received by the Adel crowd yet largely ignored by the media.

If like me, you were unable to attend the debate, finding out what ALL candidates said, where they stand and how they performed proved a little difficult.

True, an online search returned many results, but the results either did not include all candidates in attendance, or mentioned all candidates, while using quotes from a select few.

All too often, as citizens we ignore our responsibility to be informed and instead allow the media or the party to decide which candidates we are to consider as 'serious' candidates fit to represent 'We the People'.

As government continues to grow, growing out of touch with average Americans, we must either act or accept responsibility for allowing it to happen. For only the things we allow, continue.

US Senate Debate - Georgia

Link to Georgia U.S. Senate Candidate website:

Paul Broun

Art Gardner

Phil Gingrey

Derrick Grayson

Karen Handel

Jack Kingston

David Perdue

Eugene Yu

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