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It’s On! The Right Enters the Culture War Starring Ted Cruz as America’s Bad Ass

As a Conservative, it is often difficult to come out of the closet. The left has been extremely successful at not only falsely portraying our positions as racist, homophobic and against women, they have successfully taken away any form of a cool factor we may possess. Period.

It is a wonder how any artist, whether they be a musician, painter, photographer, writer or actor finds the strength to come out as, dare I say it…a Conservative.

Because of this, the right has not only been a loser in the culture war, they have not bothered to show up. Conservatives would rather not show up and demand a participation ribbon, we prefer to win them as we have done in the social and new media game and now it appears we will likely take best in show, in art.

So good is this piece of work, I originally thought it a huge mistake by a liberal artist. I was wrong. The artist, SABO, and the reaction is precisely as intended.

The image intentionally baits leftists into the obvious "closeted gay fantasy" jokes, highlighting the truth about liberals, they remain the most intolerant amongst us, second only is their hypocrisy.

Do not feel left out if this is the first you have seen of the American Bad Ass formerly known as Senator Ted Cruz images that are popping up in liberal LALA land California.

Coverage would require admission, and admitting there is a problem with Messianic and noble artist now known as incompetent President Obama, is ofen the most difficult step.

For more images from SABO check out the Unsavory agents Facebook page. Oh, and did I mention the video?

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