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Does it Pay to be an Obama Donor? RadiumOne’s CEO Avoids Jail Time for Waging his Personal #WarOnWo

The left and its hypocrisy are astonishing.

It is important such hypocrisy be illuminated continually so that those who pay little attention to the tactics used by the left begin to recognize it for what it is, complete BS.

Last month the CEO of Mozilla was forced to step down after it was revealed, gasp, he donated $1,000 to support an anti-gay marriage act in 2008. When the donation came to the attention of the leftist LGBT movement, it was on, and Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich was out.

No matter the President of the United States held the same position on gay marriage in 2008 as did Eich when he made a donation. The left has no time for dealing in facts; they simply are to be ignored in favor of emotion. Facts Schmacts.

Fast forward to a real scandal involving yet another Silicon Valley CEO, Gurbash Chahal. Mr. Chahal runs the startup RadiumOne, and apparently waged his own personal #WarOnWomen when according to,

CCTV footage caught Gurbash Chahal...kicking his girlfriend 117 times, including blows to the head, and trying to smother her with a pillow during a vicious 30-minute assault. He faced 45 felony charges until the footage was deemed inadmissible. As a result, Chahal has managed to avoid jail.

I expect the National Organization for Women (NOW) or the Code Pink organization will begin the steady drumbeat to have this woman beating, woman hating, and sorry excuse for a man relieved of duty as CEO of RadiumOne in exactly...NEVER.

What? This cannot be right. Surely every Democrat in the nation accusing the GOP of waging a #WarOnWomen will demand the resignation of RadiumOne’s CEO, and begin a coordinated effort to boycott RadiumOne’s products/services or anyone associated with the company, right? Wrong.

I for one, will not be holding my breath for such action by the touchy, feely left, always in the corner of the ever victimized woman because Mr. Chahal is in his own protected class, he votes and donates to the left.

Mr. Chahal is a loyal democrat, donating thousands of dollars to the cause of liberalism. According to the FreeBeacon,

He has donated more than $100,000 since 2011, all of which went the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates.Those contributions include $81,600 to the Democratic National Committee and $5,000 to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

While Chahal may have waged his own personal #WarOnWomen, his crimes although much worse than the $1,000 donation made by Mozilla’s CEO, will go unpunished.

Chahal, like many on the left, continue to show disdain for women, gays and minorities, but as long as they continue to vote left, the Democrats and leftist organizations who say they support, protect and represent these underserved groups will turn a blind eye, refusing to do what is right.

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