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House Oversight Committee Investigates the Investigator

According to its website, the Federal Trade Commission strives to "prevent business practices that are anticompetitive or deceptive or unfair..."

So what happens when the agency tasked with preventing and prosecuting practices found to be deceptive or unfair engages in said practices? Why hold a hearing of course?

Today, the House Oversight and Government reform Committee will hold a hearing to examine "The Federal Trade Commission and Its Section 5 Authority: Prosecutor, Judge, and Jury."

Michael J. Daugherty, author of Devil Inside the Beltway, has been asked to provide testimony of his experience with the FTC who used information provide it by a Tiversa, a cyber intelligence firm when LabMD refused to engage the firm for mitigation services.

This is a horrific story filled with corruption, cronyism and a man who would stand up to the Goliath government agency who brought suit against his company in which the FTC was able to serve as judge, jury and prosecution officer in a very suit it brought.

Watch live testimony here.

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