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The Border Crisis - A Mom's Perspective

It has been some time since I felt compelled to write about anything political, but the situation at the border has driven me to do so.

As a mom of two, you may be surprised to learn I am less moved by the images of crying children being ripped from their families after crossing our border illegally than I am that President Trump caved to them.

Why? If you assume it is because I am conservative, have no heart, and do not care about children, you would be wrong. There are many reasons I am unmoved by the crisis at the border, but the main reason is that the left is the left. They take a picture of a child crying, place it on the cover of Time Magazine opposite Trump with the caption 'Welcome to America' and chaos ensues. After days of 24/7 coverage of Trump's heartless zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration, we find out today the viral photo was of a little girl who was never seperated from her mother. Instead, she was set down for a few moments while she was searched by border patrol agents.

The reason I am unmoved is the left is an insatiable bunch, who breathlessly cover an issue they feel will finally take down the opposition. They generate a crisis, and use the mainstream media PR wing of the party to magnify it in order to manipulate the emotions of those who pay little attention to politics in order to get their way. They see Trump's cave as a win and will continue to push for more despite getting what they claimed they wanted...for families to stay together.

For a week we heard President Trump call for Congress to fix the immigration law and deal with the never-ending border crisis, while the Democrat party tells the American people the crisis is Trump's. They say it can be solved by him if he would simply sign an executive order allowing families to stay together after breaking our law, entering the country illegally and being detained. Senator Chuck Schumer went so far as to offer to lend the president a pen.

While President Trump prefers a permanent solution that only Congress can provide via legislation, the Democrats tell the American people there is no law demanding children be separated from their parents. The manipulation works, Americans are moved, they post to Facebook and Twitter, call their congressman and viola President Trump caves. He signs an executive order doing exactly what the Democrat and left demanded, so all was good in the world, right? WRONG.

In less than 24 hours the same people telling you Congress does not have to act because the president can sign an executive order to keep families together, are now telling us the executive order violates the law. Wait, What? I thought there was no law preventing Trump from using his pen??

Those who pay little attention to politics may give the Democrat party a pass for not knowing the Flores decision mandates how long the federal government can hold children, and is the reason the children were being separated from their families in the first place. But Democrats know better. They will not be satiated with the executive order, and they will not work with Republicans on a solution to solve the immigration problem unless includes amnesty for all illegal aliens and an open border for all.

Unfortunately, while President Trump was attempting to do the right thing, his executive order assures us that Democrats and their cohorts in the MSM will continue to sew the chaos, like the bratty child causing a scene in a store to get their way. We are in for a brutal summer where leftists harass public figures in restaurants and protest at their homes for following the law.

Moving forward Trump will be better served by standing strong and doing what he was elected to do. Trump was elected to bring back law and order and deal with the immigration crisis. He was elected to build the wall.

If you are like me, and unmoved by the border crisis hysteria, there is a silver lining you will not hear reported in the mainstream media. After a week's worth of 24/7 reporting on the border crisis, Rasmussen Reports show 54% of Americans blame the parents who bring children across the border illegally for the separation, while only 35% of Americans blame the federal government. These statistics give me hope that the mainstream media and the crisis actors in the Democrat party are having less effect with shaping opinions.

I, for one, am very serious about solving the immigration crisis. Are you?

If so, plan to vote in November for candidates who support building the wall, because without it immigration reform is impossible.

#BorderCrisis #KeepFamiliesTogether #executiveorder

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